7 Tips for Choosing a New Leather Case for iPad, MacBook and Other Devices

When you rely on your iPad or Android tablet for work, the case you choose has to be able to meet your professional demands. A good-looking cover that puts style over substance just won't cut it when you're trying to get through a full day of meetings. Your iPad case needs to work as hard as you do.

That's where XIAOZHI comes in.

Our leather cases and covers are designed with functionality in mind. From padfolios to briefcases, pouches to satchels, we have the business accessories you need to make it through a busy day or even a quick road-trip. And if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, just drop us a note. We'll custom design a case to meet your exact specifications. This can be as simple as adding a detachable iPad frame or as complex as a design that starts from scratch.

With so many designs and features to choose from, some people have trouble narrowing the options. Here are some considerations to help you finalize your decision.


1. How will you use the case? Do you need a simple sleeve to protect your tablet or laptop inside a larger bag, or are you looking to replace a traditional paper planner, padfolio or briefcase?

2. Are you comfortable carrying your case under your arm, or do you want the convenience of handles or a shoulder strap? Keep in mind that our genuine leather cases are naturally heavier than a nylon version would be.

3. What items do you need to have with you? If you're constantly borrowing pens, digging for cables in the bottom of a messenger bag or hunting for a notebook, then look for a case that incorporates plenty of pockets and slots to accommodate these items. Some of our cases include roomy outer pockets that are just right for sunglasses, keys, gum, a smartphone and other necessities.

4. Is a snap-close case with open ends OK, or do you prefer the idea of zip-close case?

5. What size paper do you like to use? Do you prefer the journal format of a composition book or spiral notebook, or is it more appealing to use a notepad with the binding across the top?

6. What message will the styling send? In other words, does your company expect the classic look of black or brown? Or do you feel free to express your personal style by choosing a colored leather or a stand-out trim? Crocodile-patterned leather gives a stylish yet professional look that fits into any corporate setting.

7. How do you use your existing business accessories? What shortcomings do you feel with your current products? How can your new case better meet your daily needs?


These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about your ideal solution. It can be tough to imagine a new organizational system until you put it into practice. But investing in a leather case for your iPad, Android device or laptop is a great way to present a professional, polished look to clients and colleagues alike.

Please let us know how we can help you find your perfect leather case for iPad, MacBook, Android, Ultrabook and other devices.

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