Suggest Your Own Leather Case Designs

XIAOZHI allows your participation in creating your own leather case designs. With all the gadgets we have these days, how nice it would be to have matching or complementary cases for each one. Cell phones, smart phones, iPads, Readers, laptops can all have a beautiful leather case that will perfectly match your handbag or briefcase. What a fashion statement you can make that also shows your wise business sense and your attention to detail.

The process is simple. The first thing you do is fill out a contract, submitting every possible detail relating to you project and finished product. Be sure and indicate which devices for which you want to design the cases. Also include which accessories you want to carry in the case you are helping to design. Describe in detail the style that you want. Links to photos showing a precise description would be most helpful.

Next decide on the color or colors you prefer. There is a wide variety to choose from, including red, orange, light or dark brown, black or cream-colored white.

The professional designers at XIAOZHI's Customization Center are hear to see that your ideas become a reality. You can choose from a selection of styles, including book styled covers, pouches, portfolio covers and more. We’ll help you create the case that is unique for you and fits your particular needs.

If you are not sure of the design you want, let the experts here help you decide. If you want something different than the leather cases you find in the store or online, don’t hesitate to give us your own personal and creative ideas. We look forward to working with new designs and new ideas. That’s what we’re all about.

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